Sunday, January 31, 2010

DP: Experiments

I was told to dig little holes, not one big one.
Here's a list of some proposed holes:

If I designed a game with an educational subtext, would the participants come away with a new-found knowledge of that culture?

Could an ethnic dining experience be enriched with an informative subtext?

Will telling the story of an ethnic refugee in a meaningful way yield empathy?

Will recreating traditional rituals bring about a new appreciation and understanding for minorities?

What if traditional artifacts and objects were updated / modernized?

Could oral history be objectified in an interesting way? IE: Book, visual storytelling

If a map was made more entertaining / visually interesting, would it encourage a better understanding of geography?

If an outsider was brought into a traditionally furnished space, and spent time in it, would they come to a better understanding of that culture?

If a traditional, ethnic doll was given to a child who played an active imaginative role in its naming and activities, would that child understand more about the origins of the doll? IE: Russian nesting dolls, Kachina dolls, etc.

If an historical, ethnic musical experience was constructed for a listener (IE: a mix CD, playlist), would the listener gain an interest in that culture?

If ancient ethnic traditions of art and design were infused with an informative subtext, would they encourage further exploration? IE: Persian rugs, Native American Blankets, etc.

Would wearing traditional garb from a certain ethnicity provide a greater understanding of that ethnicity?

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